Swecha 1st State Conference


Swecha held its first State Conference on 7th March 2010. After a journey of more than 5 years, its a giant leap for the Free Software movement in Andhra Pradesh.

What started as a project to localize GNU/Linux to Telugu for the local communities, has now become a fast paced movement that is spearheading the new generation into a world of freedom. The journey so far has been one of the most exciting stories in the history of the Free Software Movement around the world.

The State Conference was the first organizational leap for the movement which was being organized in various different ways at different points in time. Today, the team has grown from a handful to more than 150 individuals working towards common objectives across the state.


Swecha LiveCD - June 2006 is available for download

Swecha LiveCD is a Telugu localised operating system that runs entirely from a CDROM. It does not require any installation on the hard disk. Common tasks such as writing and printing documents, browsing the web, sending/receiving emails, chatting, editing graphics etc. can all be in Telugu from the LiveCD. Optionally, you can install the operating system onto the hard disk.

Highlights of the 'June 2006' release are:

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