Disciplinary action on three EC members

Dear Friends,


The Executive Committee meeting of Swecha (Telangana) held on the 14th of June 2020 has taken the following decisions:


  1. The Executive Committee unanimously accepted the inquiry committee report placed on the issue pertaining to a unsanctioned project in which 3 members of the EC were involved. The inquiry committee was comprised of Prof SwamyDas (Vice President), Dr Vijay Pal (Executive Committee Member) and Ramesh (Treasurer).

  2. Based on the recommendations of the inquiry committee and upon deliberations in the EC, it decided to take disciplinary action on Siddhartha Malempati, Nikhil Jamedhar, Sudhamsh Kandukuri and to drop them from the EC of Swecha, recall them from their positions in FSMI and expel them from Swecha Organisation. The grounds that led to the expulsion are:

    1. All of them misused their positions respectively as Executive Secretary and EC members of Swecha to obtain and enter into a project without prior intimation or approval from the EC. This project is not inline with the aims and objectives of Swecha and FSMI.

    2. The financial transactions were not in tune to the methods of Swecha. The money should come to the accounts of the organisation prior to its disbursement for any expenditure. The money was deposited to individual accounts. The bills for the expenditure submitted were only 7% of the total expenditure while 93% did not have any bills. This is nothing but financial irregularity. Which will not be tolerated by Swecha.

    3. Misusing the position at Swecha to misguide and mobilise members and making them a part of an unapproved project.

    4. Non co-operation with the inquiry committee- despite continuous persuasion the accounts were not submitted making it ambiguous to assess the total quantum of money involved in the project. This essentially means lacking transparency.

    5. The project was conducted with a motive for personal gains over organisational principles and objectives.