Month of WebVR- Session 1

The first session of the month long programming workshop organized by CBIT-OSC, Open Minds of MGIT named 'Month of WebVR-Hyderabad leg' curated by Swecha, on WebVR with A-frame was a great success. It was conducted on the 5th of August at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology from 11am to 3pm.
The event commenced with Himanshu giving an introduction to the concept of virtual reality and it's history. The event saw an overwhelming participation of more than one hundred enthusiasts, more than 75% of whom were young inquisitive women. After the introductory talk, Kalyan delivered a very interactive and informative session on the A-frame, which is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences.
The students were also given an opportunity to try out virtual reality headsets and experience the magic. The post-lunch session was conducted in a lab where the participants actively engaged in applying what they had learnt. The session went on very smoothly and we expect to see a lot more participation for the upcoming sessions!