Hactivist assembly experiences October 2018

Submitted by bhuvan on Thu, 2018-10-11 12:27

Many Hactivists shared their experiences who participated in the Hactivist assemblies. Their spirits are high and experiences are inspiring.



I have not had any experience in past... but this 1st experience gave me a hope that i will definetly reach my goal..I think this is my first step of my goal.....I had earned 200 ruppes by selling vegetables and packing buns in bakery within 4 hours..after completing once I thought... I can achieve anything on my own and stand on that..thank you swecha for being part of my life..A lesson learned in hacktivist is.. a person can achieve only with his worth.

Divya Reddy

Today...it was a wonderful day..I have learnt so much regarding my life..and I have a great experience about what I did....
By giving this field work in a part of Hacktivest Assembly am so thankful to our swecha family....By doing this work I came to know how our parents work hard to earn money..
To earn money I have work so much...now going tell how I earn Money:
I went to field there I didn't get any work again i went to one small shop asked them for a work there another uncle ask me name and he call to another person and tells Divya comes give her any work so I went to that shop there he told u should carry 50kg bags then I told I can but they told no u can't...so I told I can and I lifted the bag so they should and from there I went for so many shops all are telling there is no work if you come in the morning we can give u some work again i went to small shop and worked for some time there I earn some money next we worked in some cement outlet there we earn some money and next return to the college.....

Banala Hasini

Hello companion, I am a volunteer of Swecha organization. I would like to share my experience at this hacktivist assembly.

we went out as a team of 7 members. We started our work by afternoon 2:00pm, at a Ginning mill which is near to skec college, karepalli. Our work is all about removing the layer of cement in a room which is on the floor, we don't have any previous experience about that work the work will regularly done by daily labor. We get set up with every tool which was used in that area of work, every individual shared the work 2 people were breaking the floor with iron rods, 1 person gathering that stuff at one place and remaining were carrying that out of room. We done our work with in 2 hrs. Next we also went to a super market, lifted rice bags. Those works are really hard to do...I realized that Earning money is not that easy as we think, but doing hard work is very easy with our self-belief...A great day in our lives...I am very proud to be a Swecha volunteer.


Today's field work made me to understand that how our parents work hard and earn for sake of us and also the value of each rupee.... Few members of our team had done work for 2 hrs and earned 50 rupees for cleaning house surroundings....few minutes we felt that is that amount worth for our work and time .... This is not all about time and money it's about our experience about how life will be in future .... This experience also made us to know our capabilities and skills....

Pavan kumar Thirunagari

I was experienced a lot at today on hackvasit assembly . My day was started at 10 am in swecha,then after assembling I had a task which is about the earning of money with out any investment ,for this purpose I went to a cotton mill which is near of kavitha engg college, karepalli .Then we asked a work to get the measurements of holes surrounding area ,then he provide some tape to get measurements,then we worked on it for an hour ,after submission of measurements he assigned another work to measure the are of rooms after submission of those he given 500 rupees for over work ,the we went to junction of karepalli ,we again searched for some work finally we got a work of helper finally over work is completed I was fully satisfied with my work to a lot swecha for giving this job to us at day 1 swecha.

Sameer Mohammed

Today i was attended the hactivist but it was my first hacktivist .Seeing all the members and all met once again is very .After i liked the way that how to do the task going out and do work ? The task is given to all with different people i liked the way they selected.and we gathered done very nice all the team members are worked very well ,we did the work in the field with joy and helping each other.I enjoyed all with the work they given and some enjoyment in work. I enjoyed my first hactivist very well with my friends because gathering with the team and do work.

Prem Chandu

First of all I so happy to come hear
Today I am so experience about how the work is done by me
In my home iam so lazy to do work but today onward I want to help my parents
Now a days my Parents are doing more work but iam not helped them in little work
So today onward I want to help more at the free time.


Today I attend to the hactavist assembly of Swecha in Sree kavitha engineering college . First of all I learned About HACTIVIST from The Speakers. And next My team members went to field Activity to earn. We went to the One village Then one farmer Family given the work In field, Me & My teammates Are worked so Hard . In the work We had some Fun b/w Us & with that farmer . In that process of farming we Knew about the village & Crops which are used to Farming in that village & also We collected the Data of that village Members & politics of that village . Finally We earned some Money By our work. We worked Not for money , worked for The Surviving of our lives Without money . Finally the Day is done with Full of experience & Happiness with Our works.

Kaustub Adithya

‌The day started with all the smiles welcoming into the seminar hall and felt happy to see them after months. Sooner we had a quick discussion and had our lunch. Post lunch we divided into teams and went in search for the work with nothing but empty hands and a great will to earn the money. Apart of earning money What I and We as a team understood was it's really hard to get work and also to get the work done within the time. We as a team with proper sharing of work, had two hours of time in working at a construction place, we successfully done the work given to us and got a pay for our work. All the peers were happy but didn't giveup and went in search for another work. On walking for a mile we found the market where we asked for work in every shop and finally we got some work at a kirana shop where we have to unload the rice bags from a small truck. With proper understanding between team members we unloaded 12 Quinta of rice bags where we were paid 3rs for each rice bag that had been unloaded by us. The time is up and hard earned money were in our hands, so every face was found happy but despite being happy we understood a little about market and how hard people daily work to get a rupee into their pockets. Its such a satisfying day and looking for more challenging stuff. Happy me!!

Gudepu Sai

This is my first experience that I found myself ,through this life of a common person is too critical...

Gunda Kalyan Kumar

My name is Kalyan .I am so shy person .I fear when I am talking with a new person first time I gathered my braveness and asked a person that weather he can give us any work, He asked some questions about us and we straightly and frankly answered then he was satisfied with my answers and he gave permission to work in there work place. I worked hard and complete our task and we satisfied them with our work and at last we earned some amount of money it made me so happy that it is the second time I am working but it is the first time my one I asked some one and I worked and earned it is the first time I walked more than 10 kilometers and after that I went to another place and I worked there for half an hour .I am very satisfied the work and it is the most remember bull and happiest day in my life...........

Archana Chowdary

(NOw iam going to share one of the memorable situation which happened in my life is today itself 06/10/2018..today at first without planning i went out with my team members and i found one ginning which is near by venue and i asked them for some work and by the gods grace they gave us work of measuring one area and we did very honestly and for my team work they gave 500rs and then we guys are split into two teams and i went to one colony and there i asked one housewife for a work she said no there is no work...but we pleased her and she gave the work of washing clothes and sweeping rooms ....i felt very happy for that work..and there i earned 100rs there after i came to center and went to footwear shop they gave work of cleaning their room and for that work they gave 100rs.... And after taking that money i felt very very very happyyy but i realised one thing because of today I learned how working is very hard... But if you dare to work hard u will earn the work for sure.... Thanku swecha for giving the confidence that iam also great hard worker who loves to do that hardwork...

Rajasri Mukkanti

Experience: good experience
- gaining work is difficult
- travelled to a village called Chinna Kattugudem which is 6 km form karepalli far away to reach.
- there we found work in a feild
- field(lady's finger to remove unwanted plants) work most difficult task
-We started work in that field at 2:20 and ended 4:45
-We understood at that movement how a farmer can work for 365 days without any caring whether it is sunny,rainy,cool climate
-the owner of the field satisfied with our work
-we gained RS-300/- for working in the field
- even farmer worked along with us
- finally so happy after receiving the money
It is a great experience


hello all! A very happy evening all of you... I'm sowjanya and I'm a Swecha volunteer. when I was in my first camp of this Swecha, I dont know what's really happening outside of the college and what to do when we'll go for job. But I've done this by swecha.. THANK YOU SWECHA for making me aware of all the things that we have do to complete my life... I've attended nearly 4 to 5 camps... Apart frone these we need to know how to face challenges of our task... I learnt this from our next step i.e in HACTIVIST ASSEMBLY... We really worked our best... All my team members were split into different places and then done with different tasks like collecting measurements in ginning mill, house keeping, bike wash etc. I felt that I may not do this activity and all my team members can't do it... But OMG, at the end of the day, we finally did id it... we earn some money... After my task was completed, we really remembered our parents and i'll thank to my parents that they are really working hard for us just to make us happy.... THANK YOU AMMA AND NANNA

Vamsi Reddy

Iam not expected that today's task @work for money we would do for swecha as a task
I was surprised initially than i thought "what can I do to getting money?" I have lot of plans but i followed our team idea because of risk less than we go for work and we started and completed after i questioned my self that what I learn one point in mind what would we do when you have nothing ,be ready for any situation ,$ value and...that's all


Firstly I thank full to Swecha team for conducting such a task.
I'm felt very anxiety to do a field work.
And I feel very happy when I was doing my team work. it's a best experience in my life and I remembered my father and I feel emotional.they are very hardworking so we didn't forget their hard work.when I was doing work in the field I felt it's very tough but our father work continuously in the field it's a great job. Hands of to my father. And Ravi Teja bro encouraged me when I was doing my work. And all my team members well supported me. When we want to earn something we have to do a hard work, with out hard work nothing is impossible. One's again thanks to Swecha team for giving this golden opportunity.

Koteshwar Kishore

I am very glad to share my experience regarding the time spent on day 1 of meet.when we started our motto was just to earn money but by the end of the day I have realised the things going around the people who work for daily wages and people who use to do farming.by doing today's activity I have found the meaning of teamwork and how people put their physical efforts to earn money at the time we unloaded the rice bags of 12 Quintals where we kept our complete team effort to accomplish one of the work we have gotten.

Rishitha Nagandla

Today I have known the hardwork of a farmer.I have listened much but didn't experienced the work but today I have viewed lively & did with my hands in mid-day.I came to know how they will work & fighting against the weather conditions,floods & natural hazards etc and others.Under these circumstances although he is hardworking & not getting the benefit,he feeds the total country.We learnt about how he can educate himself to work more nd more harder.In the hard weather conditions he tries a lot to feed the country,all are wasting the food and insulting the hardwork although they didn't have that intension.so I'm proud to support the farmer through out my life

Manohar Jallipalli

The day when we came to the college it was started with beautiful smiles.everyone eyes I can see that excitiment what is happening next?what the purpose of keeping this?later brother come on to the stage and he divided us into the teams and he said the task what have to be done,he explained but in my mind I have a question I can do this job or not ?later the other who are participated in this task already. they have said about experience
Later i come across i can do this and I went to the field

Later i went to the field.going to the field first I have a question they will give job or not?but they gave the job ,the job is calculating the square feet of a mill and the whole minning and after we have said to them they have said it is right they have asked many questions? belonging to this we gave them correct answers
later we went to fertilizer shop their we have a job of lifting the gunnybags per bag their is a cost of 5rs we said ok and started doing our work and the time given by u was over we return back

But, by this field work I have learned many things how the people in the society all are living and how are they surviving



my experiance about today is
i was really experinced about the daily life of farmer before i was never into field and this is my first time experinced in field how a farmer works ,how he is suffering,and how he is enjoying his work and he he is happy with what money he is getting and really i am proud to be a women because how the women are working in the field and when comparitive with men,women has less imune power and in some days women has their own problems in that days also they are in that field work aand moring to evening they are in that field only . in olden days they were not educated and theire are no medical facilities like now in that time also their were in the same work and at last famer is the real backbone of our country and we really should salute to the farmer for their struggle in the field and even they are enjoying that struggle also. really today i understood the value of farmer-SALUTE TO THE FARMERS

Bindu kuchipudi

As today we gather here for the swecha HACKTIVIST ASSEMBLY that which is conducting in the skec college. Today my task is about the field work that means we have to search for the work. At first what the work we have done is that just collecting of mill length and after that we done another work. Today I'm going share about my experience at first in the mill as we asked work then the work head said that as you people are educated what work will you do then we said we will do any work then he gave that work to us but really hats off to all the workers that who are working in the construction site today really we are proud as they are the persons who really work hard we are proud to be a part of the swecha as it taught me how my parents are working hard to see me in this situation and for my education really feeling proud to a swecha member & volunteer

B.Rama laxmi

This is my first hactivist this gives a life time experience.the day which shows a real life how money is important or valuable .today got many solutions by this how the world is facing a problems
Where there is no age difference or educated or position or hungry etc...
What ever the money don't know the people hungry and what ever. today i really believe that human life completely depends on the money. Where we do work we are getting money but it not suitable with respective time and hard work.today my father and my mother and all our parents main aim to keep there childrens Happy behind that there is
Hard works,without nice foods many they lived many days ,with sweat,and day nights with out sleep.this day i never and ever forgot . because this gives a excellent lessons to me .and one more thing is I believe in hard work .this is example to a real life by doing of work with our hands it gives a complete satisfaction to our life and getting money is other thing when we do work we get it.
All things come to us for this things we don't give respect.when we go to that things we give respect.
The day shows me a great things i never experienced what we have done to day we done many works

Aasritha Jada

This is my first Activist program.T am very happy to been here in Kavitha Engineering College,as a Hactivist .Really I was rally excited to known about the Field Work.As I was going to do my field work I experienced how to search a job for survive.Its very easy to spent money but it's very hard to earn,I realised that thing.Really I learnt the value of money and value of hardwork.There is no success without hardwork.likewise there is no money without our efforts.I really thankful to my parents because for my happiness they are earing money with their maximum efforts.Today I cleaned surroundings of one house for 2 hours ,they paid the wages of 50/- .Then I realised how our parents are suffering because for those 2 hours I suffered a lot with health issues.So I am very thankful to every parent in the world,who are working hard for their children.Lastly, I want to say one thing that it is not easy to become a successful one,there is a much more hardwork behind their succes.
It was a memorable day in my life.Am very thankful to be a part of SWECHA,that made my day beautiful and greatful.


Actually i thought that,for one day who will give work to us........But first I went into one gvt school and I asked is there any work to do to earn some money but they said that this is residential we won't pay money they said.......From there I went some other places like police station,one cotton mill nd some other places there while I was working I came to know the hard work of common .........And I came to know the parents hard work .......To earn money for one day they are paying 200 per head it is very critical situation to run a family........Really really today I got tears in my eyes how they are working to earn money....Some people are ready to do any work for earning money .........Now a days money is playing a crucial role.......Nd I came to know the value of time,work,respect.....Nd really when I entered in to police station for work the CI of that police station .....The way he received the way he gave respect to me is make me happy....Nd first his thought is that she will do the work r not....But finally with the cooperation nd support of my team make me successfull in my work .......Finally I would like to say dat willings to earn money makes the person to do any type of work.

raviteja Apuri

First i have tell my heartful thanks #swecha#.iam proud be a swecha #volunteer and #hacktvist... To day my experience about field work is its awesome work...i and my team as work hard... It's teaches about how we have to employee my self... Every day I got work in my field... BT today I get more energy and more enthusiastic..... And have to continue in swecha and have attended many more hacktvist assemblies...

Gudise Rajini

The day started with lot of people emerged in this field work not only with team members but also with our human behaviour based on their work not only with team members but also with our human behaviour based on their works that makes people more interest on work not only in cities but also in villages we can make new innovations for better development.

Santhosh Kumar

I don't have an idea about hackvist until I had visisted today's camp before alloting for fieldworks I don't have an idea about field works so I had got an small description about field work by Pradeep bro and we had went to field works with our team members in the field work I had learnt the value of money and time and I had changed my opinion about the team work . we can complete our work easily by using teamwork than individual work...

chittimodu pradeep

Today we started from khammam with all the my swecha friends from bustand at 10:30 we raeched skec collage I meat all my swecha friends after a long time I was so happy we went to inagiration after inagiration we devided into teams there we get the today task list we went to feild work for second time in hackvist assembly first I thought that in the small village how we get works but all sprit of team members we went to works first we got work in ginning mill to they said to measure the land measurements we decided to split and we went to showroom their we we got claening work and remaining people went to house service work their we earned some money and finally some of our friends got work in shop to clean and finished our works and we went to college


Evvala first chesina work polam lo dukki dunnina taruvata kindaku vangina mokkalanu nilabettali crt ga 1 1/2 hr chesamu daniki vallu 30/- echaru. but memu each one 50/- estaru anukunnam but vallu 30/- echaru antasepu andalo work cheste mari anta takkuva echaru అని feel iyyam. next memu oka govt school ki vellam akkada vallu progress card lo unna anni columns fill cheyamannaru daniki 20/- echaru. First vallu already me frnds vacharu annaru appudu maku hope poemdi malli vallu ventane progress reports unnae rastara annaru OK sir rastamu annamu. next memu oka Hotel lo plates kadigamu akkada oka 10/- echaru ekkada ekkada memu kanisam 20/- expect chesamu. taruvata memu cement bricks tayaru chese daggara water kodite 20/- echaru ekkada OK anipinchindi


Today we had a great experience regarding field work. During last hactivist assembly I just attended the sections but for this time I'm eagerly waiting for an opportunity in hactivist assembly.
As we know that farmers are backbone of our country. We collectively as a team decide to go and help farmers in their fields. So we went nearby kamepally village and searched fields and successfully found a field went there and asked them work. They kindheartedly gave us a little work of just collecting stones in their field. First we felt it as a simple task but while doing that work we got great experience. We also realized the hardwork of farmers and realized value of farmers. As a team we done great work but we are 4 girls and 2 boys as we are girls we did a little work but our team mates Tabitha bro and saikumar done a great hardworking and as a team at last we succeed in our field work and realized value of hard work.
No words to tell about farmers work as they are worthless leaders of our country.
Successfully done a great job of farmers.
I thank Swecha for this great opportunity.


T. Day is very wonderful experience to me because I was worked in field approximate up-to 2 hrs .... My team work is pick the stones in Mirchi field...in the field the prblm is water is not sufficient to the plant, because the stones are nearer to the planet.. At that time I am thinked about my parents hardwork....so I proud to be a daughter of farmer... My experience every farmer is a son of the our country.. He is the back bone of our country.... Finally I understand farmers prblms, hardworking nature, patience....T. Day my whole team whole earning is 200/-

Sai Kumar

Today I have known the hardwork of a farmer.I have listened much but didn't experienced the work but today I have viewed lively & did with my hands in mid-day.I came to know how they will work & fighting against the weather conditions,floods & natural hazards etc and others.Under these circumstances although he is hardworking & not getting the benefit,he feeds the total country.We learnt about how he can educate himself to work more nd more harder.In the hard weather conditions he tries a lot to feed the country,all are wasting the food and insulting the hardwork although they didn't have that intension so I'm proud to support the farmer through out my life